Double Air Compressor


  • Item Height:20cm
  • Model Name:TZBL-DSGCQB-125R
  • Item Weight:3.7kg
  • Item Length:30cm
  • Item Width:10cm
  • Material Type:/
  • Item Diameter:10cm
  • Item Type:Pumps
  • Car Make:for all cars

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RM269.00 RM199.00



[Product name]: double cylinder pump
[Voltage]: 12 volts (DC)
Maximum pressure: [] 150PSI
[Configuration]: power line 3 meters, with battery clip with a barometer of expansion pipe
[Packing]: color box + bag
[Size]: 30X10X20 cm (manual measurement)
[Gross]: 3.7KG
[Product description]:
1, This machine is suitable for all 12V car tires, especially 4×4, in the bus, 2 tons of truck, limousine larger tires, high gas, fast air.
2, Also suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, boats, beach ball, floating bed, inflatable toys and so on.
3, On the highway, the field or to work in the morning, the tire suddenly leak or tire injections, can play for first aid.
4, Car tires to maintain the correct tire pressure, can ensure traffic safety, and save gasoline, with car worth, make provision against a rainy day.
5, Equipped with a set of inflatable mouth, can be used to tire, rubber boats, hovercraft, inflatable toys, inflatable ball and many other uses.

1, The rubber tube top of the gas nozzle is directly inserted in the tyre valve, the air discharged by the tire to hear the sound, said air already in circulation, continue to tighten the gas nozzle, the air is no longer escape.
2, Remove the power line battery clip (without seatand), directly caught in the battery negative level 2, do not touch the line short circuit, open the switch, you can charge. (double cylinder pump power, can not be directly inserted in the cigarette lighter to take power, through the converter easy to burn out the car cigarette lighter and line)
3, When inflated, the pointer with the saturation degree of the tire increases, when the pointer to the appropriate tire pressure (general car tire pressure is 223kpa=35PSI), remove the plug and a gas nozzle, to complete the work.
4, Please use this machine is equipped with a professional ball needle, plastic nozzle and the gas nozzle connected, as the ball, and other equipment for gas filling.
1, Can not be used in pneumatic vehicle tire large and overweight, such as trucks, big trucks, cars and other packaging box;
2, When you launch a car engine to enhance the power consumption, car battery power;
3, This machine uses DC power limit (DC12V10A), do not use domestic high voltage AC power supply (AC220V);
4, When inflated, please carry out cooling in continuous work 10 minutes after 10 minutes of downtime, to prevent damage to the pump and accessories, and can prolong the life of the motor. Inflatable rubber boats, can work for 30 minutes;
5, General tire in the air, about 3-5 minutes can reach 30PSI normal tire pressure, tire will be a little longer; such as the beginning of inflation when the instrument pointer quickly rose to 50 100PSI, said the air is blocked, the air does not enter the tire, so it is necessary to immediately unplug the gas nozzle joint, re the operation, otherwise easy to damage the motor and instrument.
People don’t leave the body 6, when in use, pay attention to the tire pressure, not too saturated;
7, The machine after use, the gas nozzle wrench must be straight, not inside rubber elastic fatigue;
8, The pump installed inside the fuse plug, such as pump does not start, please open the plug check and replace (for 15A fuse);
9, The machine should avoid damp, Chongshuai and mud invasion, prevent the child play, to avoid injury;
10, Each tire pressure required is different, please mark the reference tire side, or ask the car manufacturers


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